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“I purchased Bert’s Silver Design (5 yr. old) just over a year ago from Moondance Farm; He is a beautiful 17 hands tobiano; He is curious, calm, loving horse, easy to catch and easy to load on trailer. In fact, I get compliments on how easy he is to load. The owner Katy did a wonderful job of making sure he had all of the basic fundamentals and to top it off he is a wonderful trail horse… When I visited Moondance Farm it was friendly and best part of the visit was seeing that ALL of the horses were ‘clearly’ well maintained (from head to hoof). Bert is everything that Katy said he would be; he will be a therapy horse in the spring and enjoys attention from anyone… If I ever need another horse, I would definitely head back to Alabama!” Kathleen Jones (from Petersburg Va.)

"I purchased my first heritage walking horse from Katy back in 2014. The first thing I noticed on my first visit to Moondance farm was how people-oriented and healthy her horses were. Everyone's coat was so shiny and healthy.  The horses all had bright, soft eyes, and engaging eye contact. Since then I have collected and built my farm around 5 heritage walking horses - all from Moondance. I have 9 year old full heritage John, 2 year olds Annabelle and Delta Grace, 1 year olds Luke and Jolene. My herd is now full of color, grace and gentleness. Everyone is so easy to work with even for a beginner. They are all beautifully gaited. The Merry Dee fillies, Jolene and Annabelle are especially nice. You cannot go wrong with a Merry Dee baby by Katy's Stallion Shocker.


John performs a perfect flat walk, running walk, and has a very nice rocking chair canter. He has a lot of latitude as far what kind of rider he works well with.  He's good with beginner riders but he's not one bit boring for more intermediate type work. I highly recommend Moondance if you are in the market for a safe, sane, sound, barefoot and properly gaited Tennessee Walking Horse - the ultimate pleasure horse." Anna Schmidt (from Tallassee, AL)

"I had such a wonderful experience purchasing Mac from Katie and her family. My husband and I drove up from West Palm Beach the week of Christmas to look at a Heritage horse to buy. We were greeted with open arms and amazing hospitality. Katie and Scott made us feel like we were part of their family. Katie took us out to her large pasture where we were surrounded by many beautiful horses. My husband bonded with a beautiful horse his name is Mac. The next day Katie took us on a trail ride. My husband fell in love with Mac and even though he was young he was a very level-headed horse. Mac has been one of the best horses we have ever owned. I can ride him with golf carts bicycles joggers Anything Goes his disposition is awesome. I would definitely go back if I ever need another horse the whole experience was great. And I definitely would like to thank Katie, Scott and their family for making time for us during the busiest time of year." Ken and Debbie Isyk (from West Palm Beach, FL)

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