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At Moondance Gaited Horse Farm, we strive to choose only the best Heritage Tennessee Walking Horse and Paso Fino mares for breeding. Each mare has met the high standards we set for conformation, mind, temperament, and gait. Though our horses produce beautifully colored foals, we do not breed for color - it is simply an added benefit. All of our breeding horses are trained on the ground and under saddle to show their willingness and ability before earning their spot in the breeding barn. We have videos throughout our website of every horse, four years and older, under saddle as proof of their talent and gait. If Heritage Tennessee Walking horses are to survive in a world of modern walking horses who are bred with the temperament and conformation to successfully carry pads and chains, we believe the characteristics that set our horses apart should be immediately apparent, even to the untrained observer. Our Paso Finos are raised alongside our laid back walking horses, which fosters relaxation and confidence...preparing them for a lifetime of cooperation with humans no matter what adventures unfold.

This attention to detail produces a horse that is easier to train, more relaxed on the trail, and a willing partner for anyone searching for a lifetime horse. Having raised and trained many horses from the Echo bloodlines, we have firsthand knowledge of the differences that set these horses apart from other Tennessee Walking Horses. Our Paso Finos have a strong Puerto Rican influence combined with proven Columbian bloodlines - creating Paso's with lovely gaits, beautiful conformation, nice color, and gentle temperaments. The Puerto Rican Paso Fino bloodlines also help to balance the propensity towards insulin resistance issues prevalent in many of the Columbian bloodlines.



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