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Margie of Moondance


Meet our girl, Margie! This is a super special filly because she is our first WalkaFino. Margie is a combination of our incredible Paso Fino stallion, Paco, and our absolute favorite Tennessee Walking Horse mare, Royal's Merry Dee. This beautiful bay is not like anything we have produced on our farm before...she is most definitely a hybrid blend of the best characteristics of both breeds and is uniquely Margie. She is highly intelligent, has a beautifully put together, is extremely willing, has a lovely natural gait, and is incredibly sociable. She should also have the long mane that our Paso Fino stallion passes on to his babies. Margie is already easy to halter and lead and has had her feet trimmed several times. She is growing by leaps and bounds and should be at least 15hh at maturity. We have been encouraged for years to experiment with this cross and we have not been disappointed with the results.  Price $3,250

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