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The Rolling Jones MDF


This big boned, solid filly should mature around 15.1+ hands high. She has always displayed a head shaking natural way of walking and has left the herd to be with people since before she was weaned. She is extremely confident, but also tries her guts out to please. She has had quite a bit of groundwork, so she, like all of the others, has a great understanding of pressure/release. Because Jonesy and her 2 full siblings are so special, I had kept all three of the foals out of this cross...Royals Merry Dee X Echo's Society Shocker. It has been a difficult decision to post Jonesy for sale - she will, in my opinion, make an excellent trail horse, husband horse, guest horse, and/or Saturday night show horse and I hate to miss out on enjoying her talents. At this point, I have too many horses to truly enjoy each one and give them the individual attention they long for and deserve. She has great feet, loves water, loads and is able to learn quickly.

Price $3,750

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