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Timothy Carstarphen of Moondance


 We are in love with this amazing colt! We were so pleased with the result of crossing our foundation Paso Fino stallion with our foundation Tennessee Walking Horse mare last year, that we did it one last time. This hybrid between the two breeds or "Walk-a-Fino" has all of the best traits from both breeds. Not only that, but both of his parents are exceptional horses who have passed on their great minds, temperaments and talents to this handsome colt. He has been handled since his first few moments after birth and has been begging for more ever since. His incredible tovero bay roan coloring has impressed every visitor to the farm - there are rarely horses with more flash than this one. Yet his flash is not his greatest asset. He moves around the pasture in a beautiful, gait with great lift in his front end, and his temperament is just as pleasing. He has learned very quickly to lead, have all of his feet handled and cleaned, move from pressure, and have his halter put on. The measurement of his cannon bone, if accurate, shows that he will mature around 15.2 to 15.3 hh. This one will not stay at the farm for long and is the last foal we plan to have out of our old favorite, Merry Dee.  $3,750

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