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Amante de Luna Danza


This talented, friendly young Paso Fino gelding has all of the brio you would like to have in order to produce a beautiful gait, with all of the confidence to come back down again and relax. He has both Puerto Rican and Columbian bloodlines including Pegasus Estaban and Profeta de Besilu. His unique coloring has been eye catching since the day he was born, and he only gets more handsome as he matures. His color has been a surprise with each changing season as you can see from the photos. He is very smart and playful and makes friends quickly with visitors to the farm. Through groundwork, he has a good foundation with pressure and release and is easy to catch and put a halter on. Amante has been a gentleman with our trimmer who has been trimming his feet since he was a weanling. If you are in the market for a friendly, stunning, talented Paso Fino gelding...Amante fits the bill.

Price $3,750

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